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Extremely Kind!
Testimonial for LEEDA RATLIFF
Back in late March early April 2004, my husband and I looked at the prospect of becoming first time homebuyers. Not knowing anyone or having any family around that could help us with the ins and outs of buying a house, we decided to find a realtor. I got the name of Leeda Ratliff from an acquaintance. Upon calling her, that same day we were on our way to owning our very first home. She was extremely kind, knowledgeable and was always there if we needed her. Within a week of meeting her we were approved for a home loan. Within the following week we made an offer on a new home. We closed on April 23rd and were homeowners. We are glad that we found and were able to work with Leeda with the purchase of our first home. She was there for us every step of the way and she never stopped until she found the house that fit our needs. Thank you so much for all of your help!

The Stewarts
Very Pleased!
Testimonial for LEEDA RATLIFF
I was very satisfied with Leeda. She was very professional put forth more effort than I expected. She had my house sold within the first week that we signed with her. She helped me through the whole process of the sell

Rhonda T.
Wonderful Experience!
Testimonial for LEEDA RATLIFF
Leeda did an excellent job in helping us with our real estate needs. She was more than willing to help us relocate to the Boise area. She was very understanding when it came to our needs and did a wonderful job helping us find our home. I would highly recommend Leeda to anyone who has real estate needs.

The Coulsons
Above and Beyond!
Testimonial for LEEDA RATLIFF
When we decided to move our family from out of state to Idaho, we knew we had to find that realtor that was just right to make it happen. We contacted several reality companies throughout the Treasure Valley but just couldn’t find the connection that felt right. My wife and I had made arrangements to fly out for the weekend to look at houses and three days before we were suppose to leave we still hadn’t found a realtor. That’s when it happened; we made a connection with Leeda Ratliff who assured us that even with three days to work she would make it happen. Upon meeting Leeda, my wife and I knew we had found not only the right realtor but a new friend for life. Leeda asked all the right questions and had all the right answers. She spent the next three days showing us property after property with enthusiasm and a driving desire to make us happy with our decision. We found our house and Leeda was with us from the initial offer to the day we moved in when she showed up to help. Leeda Ratliff is a true real estate professional, but more importantly she is someone who cares and will do whatever it takes to make sure you are taken care of. We will use Leeda for all our future real estate needs and without hesitation would recommend her for yours.

The Burriers
Thank you!
Testimonial for LEEDA RATLIFF
Our experience with Leeda Ratliff as our realtor was one in a million. She spent so much time working for us; Making sure we had the right tools to sell our existing home, and she was extremely helpful in the search for our new house. Our house sold the first day it went on the market. We had to move out three weeks later. Leeda took us out immediately to show us houses that were what we were looking for and in our price range. She showed us tons of houses. We were all exhausted. But she was there every step of the way. With the fact that our house sold so fast, we were a little sad to see the relationship end with Leeda. We got so use to calling her daily, if not more, and to no longer make those calls was very sad. Leeda was not only our realtor but she became our friend and someone whom I would recommend to any person looking for a realtor. Leeda you not only helped us find our new house, you helped us find a home for our family to grow in. I hope that every person you work with realizes the miracles that you make happen. For us to look at this house and know that we will be here until our four year old son graduates school and knowing that our little boy will become a man in this house makes us realize what a gift you gave us. We can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for us.

The Ackleys
Very Professional!
Testimonial for LEEDA RATLIFF
Leeda is amazing! She is incredibly knowledgeable and made sure we got answers to questions we didn’t even know to ask. She was our biggest advocate and made sure we received the best deal and were comfortable with every step of the process. I 110% recommend Leeda and will use her for any of our future home buying or selling needs.

Whitley M.
She never quits!
Testimonial for LEEDA RATLIFF
Leeda has been a great realtor for us since 2004. We have purchased 3 homes and sold 2 homes through her, and she has worked tirelessly and effectively for us. I highly recommend Leeda for all your real estate needs. She is experienced and knowledgeable, and never quits until she finds what you like and gets the best deal for you. you can’t go wrong with Leeda representing you!

Bill and Maurene W.
Testimonial for LEEDA RATLIFF
Relocated from California, Leeda tirelessly found us the perfect house, she would not give up. Not only was she there for our home needs but also offered us astounding reassurance. She made sure our new house was our new home. A true professional real estate agent turned into a treasured lifelong friend. We will forever be grateful for all she’s did for us.

Mark M.
Testimonial for LEEDA RATLIFF
Love this lady! She went out of her way to find us every home within our budget that fit the criteria we needed and scheduled endless viewings for us and when we found the right home she went above and beyond for us to negotiate and make our dreams a reality! Even after all her hard working getting us our home she then proceeded to give us a gift to congratulate us on our purchase! You will not be disappointed with Leeda! She’s awesome!

Jordan T.
The Best!
Testimonial for LEEDA RATLIFF
We love Leeda! She was so awesome in our search for a home! She took her time to help us and was not pushing! Big hugs!

Annette M.
Wonderful Experience!
Testimonial for LEEDA RATLIFF
Leeda is the best! Since I live out of state, she worked very hard to find a builder that met all of my criteria. She walked through the homes showing me the finishes by video. When I was able to visit, she had everything lined up so my time was well spent. She even spent extra time assisting me through the process of buying and picking finishes. Her enthusiasm, fun personality and loyalty made my experience wonderful.

Marilyn S.
Great Service!
Testimonial for LEEDA RATLIFF
You will get 110% service and she will make herself available whenever you need here. Her knowledge as a realtor is her attributes in helping you find the right home.

Nancy V.
Highly Recommended!
Testimonial for LEEDA RATLIFF
She is a high energy fun and understanding realtor I recommend her all the time!

Toni B.
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